Work Management for iOS

Work Management is a fully integrated packaged mobile application to Infor EAM optimized for the Apple iPad (iPhone coming soon). Specifically, the solution is geared towards Infor EAM customers that have a critical dependence on maintaining and optimizing their assets.

At the core, Work Management for the Apple iPad will help Infor EAM customers reduce labor by eliminating the need for printing and distributing paper-based work and service orders, while simultaneously replacing the manual entry of work and service details into an organization’s enterprise asset management system. With online and offline capabilities, this extension of Infor EAM enables your remote workers to handle job tasks uninterrupted in the field, facility, or plant, in a role-based experience.

Key features for v1.0 include, but are not limited to;

  • Work Order Creation
  • Work Order Updates
    • Book Labor
    • Add / Edit Parts
    • Add / Review Comments
    • Add / Update Closing Codes
  • Work Order Completion
  • FaceTime Punch-Out for Collaboration (collaboration maintenance excellence)
  • eSignature in Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 (requirement from FDA)

The technology used to develop this solution leverages both Native iOS and standard HTML5 technology to create offline support, superior look and feel, speed, and cross-platform potential for this application in the future. With this technical foundation, the solution will maintain the usability and effectiveness to create the best “mobile user experience” possible when extending Work Management for Infor EAM to iOS and other emerging platforms like Windows 8 and Android.


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